Interior Design and Lifestyle Consultation Seminar

Successful Interior Design and Lifestyle Consultant

Interior design and lifestyle are fashionable at the moment but not every concept takes personal taste into consideration. TYP Akademie offers a concept that firstly analyses the client’s colour and style preferences before looking at redecoration. The TYP Living consultation concept helps you design the client’s home without fear of making mistakes whilst keeping the client’s personal taste in mind. Many clients have already redesigned and redecorated their homes following a TYP Akademie consultation. Make use of the unique TYP Living system for your personal success as an interior designer and lifestyle consultant.

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The interior design and lifestyle consultation seminar gives you the expertise to carry out a professional interior design and lifestyle consultation with your client. More and more people are searching for the fulfilled lifestyle.

The TYP Akademie concept for interior design and lifestyle consultation is for people who would like to redesign or redecorate their own home or that of their clients.

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This eight day interior design and lifestyle consultant training course teaches you the concept of individual lifestyle consultations. A team of competent experts will help you learn the basics of interior design and lifestyle consultation so that you can actively use your knowledge. An experienced architect and an expert colour psychologist will take you through the fields of geometry and colour aesthetics. You will learn the principles of design and experience how colours affect your wellbeing. In the lifestyle consultant course experts will help you practise how to conduct a lifestyle consultation in which the client’s style and wishes are central.

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I employ my creativity so that my clients feel at home wherever they live!

Glaudia Chestnut (Interior Design and Lifestyle Consultant)

Bild von Glaudia Chestnut (Interior Design and Lifestyle Consultant)

Training content

Part A: Colour and Style Concepts for the Home

Day 1 | History of Living

  • Historical periods of style and current trends
  • Discover the five styles
  • Practical stylistics: recommendations for your client

Day 2 | Colour Consultation

  • Harmony of the four seasons and their differences
  • How to put together 12 colour concepts with compatible materials
  • Analyse your client’s personality
  • Combinations for interior designers: colour combinations and contrast in one room

Day 3 | Psychology of Colour

  • Well-being and aesthetics of space: positive proportions
  • The effects of colours in a room: psychological and physiological dimensions
  • Use of light and colour in a room
  • Practical homework: design your personal collages for the 5 lifestyles. Design an individual colour concept for one room

Part B: Interior Design in Practice

Day 4 | Space

  • Principles of design and the use of light
  • Interior designer: how to assess and transpose proportions
  • Use measurements and layout: draw the furniture in the room

Day 5 | Materials

  • Work with high-quality materials: wood, leather, fabric and stone
  • How to design harmonious floors, ceilings and walls
  • Practical exercise: Design a concept for one room
  • Practical homework: design an individual concept for two rooms. Use measurements and design the colour scheme

Part C: Lifestyle Consultation at the Client’s

Day 6 | Design the Home

  • Use your fantasy and creativity to design the heart of the home
  • Room redesign: develop a natural balance in the room
  • Put your ideas into practice

Day 7 | Improve your knowledge and practical exercises

  • Evaluation of your homework: personal feedback from the trainer
  • The three phases of lifestyle consultation
  • Practise consultations using the TYP Living test

Day 8 | Final Examination

  • Team work: carry out a complete lifestyle consultation on a client
  • Personal assessment and client feedback
  • Marketing tips
  • End of course and presentation of certificates

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