Course, Seminar and School in Etiquette and Manners

Etiquette is becoming more important

Etiquette is becoming more important – not only with champagne! Whether it is the first contact with a client or at dinner with friends, it is important to find the right tone for each situation. Those who master the current protocol in etiquette and manners are more successful. Body language helps you communicate with your clients at the same level. This course in etiquette will give you valuable information.

School of Manners
Practical Course in Manners

During this practical course in manners you will learn which rules of etiquette are appropriate in today’s world and how to create a positive atmosphere for meetings and negotiations. The focus of this practical course is on your personality and being genuine.

Course Contents

Day 1 | Manners and Body Language

  • History of etiquette: Baron von Knigge and the ’68 generation
  • Live intact: Who defines manners?
  • The first impression: key attractions and distance zones
  • Who greets whom? Correct introductions
  • The art of small talk
  • Company hierarchy and the “king” customer
  • The interview
  • Daily business: e-mail, fax and telephone
  • Practicing body language: what language does my body speak?


Day 2 | Table Manners

  • Official invitations, greeting and seating arrangements
  • How do I keep a table talk?
  • Service and cutlery episode, which glass for which purpose?
  • The visit to the restaurant, pay and tip
  • Tableware in practice
  • Completion certificate


Qualify as a trainer


After successfully completing the “Manners and Body Language” seminar we will offer the chance to take part in a one day training course to obtain your licence so that you can hold your own seminars.

  • Repeating the course contents
  • Didactic preparation of the training course
  • The basics of visualisation
  • Trainer manual and documents
  • Practice in one part of the training