Style Consultation Training

Become a Style Consultant in 5 Days

Success in business or in your private life depends on your being able to present yourself convincingly and to your best advantage. More and more people these days want to know which style and colors bring out the best in their personality. And the demand for personal image and style consulting is increasing. Why not make use of this innovative training concept for your personal success.


  • You will learn all the basics of style consulting
  • You will coach individuals and employees in how to select the most suitable clothing for their personality
  • You will practise how to talk to your clients and win them over
  • You can work independently as a consultant

Target Groups

  • Independent consultants
  • Employees wanting to add qualification or work a side job
  • You can combine style consulting with your current occupation (eg Cosmetic Studio, Hairdresser, etc) or do it on its own

If you intend to set up your own consultancy it is beneficial to have some form of educational qualification, training or experience in the fields of hairdressing, textile industry, cosmetics and/or beauty.

This training programme is also suitable for you if you have sales experience in the textile industry, in a chemist’s or similar. If you are just interested in this qualification for your own personal use then there are no special prerequisites for successfully completing this course.


You will receive a certificate from the STYLE Color (TYP Akademie in Germany) providing you finish all parts of the style consulting training and successfully complete a one on one consultation at the end of the course.

Now in Thailand

The course will take place in Chiang Mai
Language: English
Date: February 14-18, 2018
Cost: 1,300€
Pay only 1,200€ by registering before December 31st, 2017!

Register now: By filling out the linked registration form and submitting the 50€ down payment you secure your place in the education at the early bird rate.

The rest of the course fee is expected to be paid on the first day of the education.

The cost covers the style consulting course fee, lunch on training days and refreshments.

Need a hotel?

Please contact us if you need a place to stay. Since the course takes place in a hotel in Chiang Mai we have special conditions for course participants.

Trainers: Margrit Hunsmann and Anja Goudzwaard.

Meet the Trainer

Margrit Hunsmann

Margrit Hunsmann and Anja Goudzwaard are conducting the training in Chiang Mai together. Both are seasoned Image Consultants; Anja has started STYLE Color in the Netherlands many years ago with her husband Wim, while Margrit has been part of the team establishing STYLE Color in Turkey.

Style Consultation

Day 1 | Introduction: Style

  • Styles-trends and the profession of a style consultant
  • The secret of style
  • Introduction to the STYLE Color system and our style guide folder: The basics of a style consultation in 3 steps
  • Discover the six styles characters
  • Learn how to read a body
  • Introduction to scale

Day 2 | Basics of the Style Analysis

  • How to do a body analysis (Demo and exercises)
  • Learn about face shape, body lines and bone structure
  • How to recognize your client’s personality from body language, mimic and gestures (demo and exercises)
  • Which cuts, materials and patterns suit which body shape?
  • Style definition: Find the individual style mix of your client
  • Tensions within us

Day 3-4 | Practical Style Consultation

  • The body workshop: Discover your own image as a consultant
  • Introduction to fabrics
  • The elements of styling
  • Balance and Esthetic: Pleasing proportions and optical rules
  • How to highlight the positive features using style
  • Problem zones- Cleverly conceal unfavorable proportions
  • Exercises: Problem zones
  • Practical exercises: How to give advices from toe to head and show best length for trousers, skirts, sleeves and jackets
  • How to fill out Style guide and give advices for best cuts

Day 5 | Suitable Accessories

  • Introduction to accessories
  • How to analyze the shape of the face
  • Tips about finding the right collars, cuts and jewelry
  • The right glasses, hair style and hair color
  • Which shoes and hats suit which style?
  • When are belts and bags right?
  • Exercises with students materials from home
  • Exercise: Practicing the sequences of a consultation
  • Exercise: Preparing the workplace for the client (color & style)

Day 5 Afternoon | Practical Consultation with Your First Customer

  • Advise your first client – under professional supervision and coaching
  • Personal feedback from the coach
  • Evaluation of your color and style consultation
  • End of the course and presentation of certificate

My best reference is my personal transformation during my training at STYLE Color.

Christa Zimmermann (Image Consultant)

Bild von Christa Zimmermann (Image Consultant)

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