Color and Style Consultation Training

As the leading Image Consulting Academy in Europe STYLE Color International is now conducting it’s world class color and style consulting education on three continents.

Besides our regular academy locations in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey and Paraguay we are offering the Color and Style Consulting Education for the first time in Thailand in February 2017!

Become a Color and Style Consultant

Success in business or in your private life depends on your being able to present yourself convincingly and to your best advantage. More and more people these days want to know which style and colours bring out the best in their personality. And the demand for personal image consulting is increasing. Why not make use of this innovative training concept for your personal success.


You will learn all the basics of style and colour consulting
You will coach individuals and employees in how to select the most suitable clothing for their personality
You will practise how to talk to your clients and win them over
You can work independently as a consultant

Target Groups

Independent consultants
You can combine style and colour consulting with your current occupation (eg Cosmetic Studio, Hairdresser, etc) or do it on its own

Requirements for Participation

If you intend to set up your own consultancy it is beneficial to have some form of educational qualification, training or experience in the fields of hairdressing, cosmetics and/or beauty. This training programme is also suitable for you if you have sales experience in the textile industry, in a chemist’s or similar. If you are just interested in this qualification for your own personal use then there are no special prerequisites for successfully completing this course. To make sure that this course is the best choice for you we will conduct a short telephone interview when we receive your application. Please contact us using the online contact form or give us a quick call.


You will receive a certificate from the STYLE Color/TYP Akademie providing you finish all parts of the training and successfully complete a one on one consultation at the end of the course.

Where to take this Course

Thailand, Chiang Mai
Language: English
Date: February 14-18, 2018
Cost: 1.300€ (early booking price 1.200€)
Trainers: Margrit Hunsmann and Anja Goudzwaard.
More information about the training in Thailand

Netherland, Emmeloord
Language: Dutch
Trainers: Hilde Dragt
More information about the training in Netherland

Switzerland, Arbon
Language: German
Trainers: Pascal Eigenmann
More information about the training in Switzerland

Turkey, Istanbul
Language: English/Turkish
Date: Starts October 6, 2016
Cost: Course fee 2.400€ (early booking price)
Trainers: Burcu Bardakci, Margrit Hunsmann
More information about the training in Turkey

Paraguay, Lombardo
Language: Spanish
Date: 2016
Cost: Course fee
Trainers: Lynette Funk
More information about the training in Paraguay

Germany, Limburg
Language: German
16.09.2016 – 18.09.2016
07.10.2016 – 09.10.2016
04.11.2016 – 06.11.2016
Cost: Course fee 2.640€ (early booking price)
Trainers: Esther Priesching, Anne Seidlitz
More information about the training in Germany

Contents of Course

Part A: Color Consultation

Day 1 | Practical Color Analysis

  • Discover the background of color analysis
  • Basics of the four seasons and their distinctions
  • Recognise the color scheme for eyes, hair and skin
  • Analyse your client’s color temperature
  • Practical exercise: Applying the hot/cold analysis to women

Day 2 | Color Distinction

  • Recognise the concentration and shade of colors in your client
  • The individual color distinctions of the four seasons
  • Test the color components and their respective trends
  • Demonstration of a color analysis
  • Practical exercise: the complete color analysis

Day 3 | Practical use of the color scheme & make up

  • Discover the four groups of color effects
  • Select coordinating colors of the basic wardrobe for color harmony
  • Put together convincing make up
  • Which colors suit your client?
  • Practical exercise: suitable make up for during the day

Day 4 | Final Color Consultation and Introduction in Style

  • How to conduct a consultation
  • Convey the results of your consultation using the colour chart
  • The basics of style consultation
  • Discover the six style characters
  • Homework: Practical enhancement
  • In the three days between part A and part B you will enhance your knowledge by conducting three color analyses on friends and family

Part B: Style Consultation

Day 5 | Basics of the Style Analysis

  • Evaluation of your three colour analyses
  • Learn the elements of the six styles
  • Which cuts, materials and patterns suit which body shape?
  • Practical body analysis: shape of the face and body, bone structure
  • How to recognise the character from body language
  • The distinctions in style
  • Practical exercise: style analysis on women

Day 6 | Practical Style Consultation

  • Discover your own image as a consultant
  • How to recognise the proportions of your client and put them in a positive light
  • How to highlight the positive features using style
  • Cleverly conceal unfavourable proportions
  • Practical exercise: complete style consultation

Day 7 | Suitable Accessories

  • How to analyse the shape of the face
  • Tips about finding the right collars, cuts and jewellery
  • The right glasses, hair style and hair colour
  • Which shoes suit which style?
  • When are belts and bags right?
  • Written revision on the basics of colour and style consultation

Day 8 | Practical Consultation

  • Advise your first client – under professional supervision and coaching
  • Personal feedback from the coach
  • Evaluation of your colour and style consultation

Day 9 | Marketing

  • A successful start – following the completion of your color and style consultation training
  • Seven steps to success
  • What price for which service?
  • Tips for starting up your own business
  • How to attract clients after finishing your color and style consultation training
  • Seminars and Lectures
  • Support from the STYLE Color Network
  • End of the course and presentation of certificate

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My best reference is my personal transformation during my training at the TYP Akademie.

Christa Zimmermann (Image Consultant)

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