Presentation Seminar – How to Present

Reach Your Goals

Successful presentation means reaching your targets, convincing business partners of your ideas and coming across as a competent and pleasant person. The presentation seminar helps you learn how to present convincingly and confidently whilst keeping your audience engaged. You learn how to prepare and stage your presentation successfully and develop methods for inciting the desired emotions from your listeners. Learning to present successfully is fun: the latest knowledge in brain research is applied to all aspects of the course so that goals can be reached precisely and effectively.

Fascinate your audience

During the presentation seminar you will gain insight into the art of free speech, argument and power of persuasion. Rhetoric is in the focus of the postmodern era. Convincing presentations fascinate the audience. You will learn how to present correctly and easily come up with new ideas. The presentation seminar promotes and challenges your personality.

Improve your self-assurance

  • Appropriate presenting: compatible dialogues
  • Success presenting: spectacular openings
  • Convincing presenting: improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Self-assured on stage: Make the best of your body language
  • Use of media
  • Practising presenting
  • When to use classical presentation media
  • Choice tips for the design of supporting visuals
  • Practice with video feedback