Personal Branding, Human Branding

Become a strong branding

Form a strong personal branding and use all the media, including Facebook, Twitter & co. Rainer Wälde will show you the effects of a strong personal branding and how you can make the best of your human branding in business.

Research at IBM has shown that only 10% of professional success is a result of qualification and competence. 90% is dependent on appearance and image. In this personal branding seminar you will learn how to achieve your goals by employing authentic marketing. Your success strongly depends on your personality and appearance: it all comes down to “marketing yourself!”

Inspire your clients

Make your personality your own branding. In this personal branding seminar you will learn how to develop a personal marketing strategy and how to gain new clients with effective promotions. The human branding course helps you keep ahead in the social networks. Employ Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for your social media branding.

Furthermore, you will learn the basics of active customer service and recognise how to improve your performance and reach those important goals. We will give you valuable tips about networking so that you can build up your own network of contacts.

Course contents

Day 1 | Self-Marketing

  • Successful at Facebook, Twitter & co. by being yourself
  • Examine your own vision and strategy
  • What is your target group? How do you gain clients?
  • Convincing appearance: ever-present on the internet, but how?
  • How to develop authority and become a natural leader
  • Communicative on the telephone and in letters
  • Confidence in giving speeches
  • Professional in companies

Day 2 | Successful Public Relations

  • How to recognise and develop your strengths
  • Make use of the rules of PR and press releases
  • How to develop the branding of your personality
  • Writing press releases
  • Designing advertisements and brochures
  • How to communicate the benefits
  • Appropriate use of advertising material