Image Consultant for Women


Design with Image Consultant for Women

As a soon-to-be image consultant you will learn the structure of personal image. In this seminar you will learn how to help your clients question their own image and change it for the best.

This training course builds upon the colour and style seminar.

The correct business dress

You will learn about all the aspects of image design and how to put together the right clothes for every business occasion. You will discover which dress codes are important in business and how to select the right dress for the occasion. As an image consultant you will show a company’s employees how they can become ambassadors of image. Authentic appearance, focussing on the person, is central in image consulting.

Course contents

Day 1 | Social Roles and Personal Profile

  • How to develop an authentic image
  • History of fashion: which ideals shape today’s world
  • Differentiate between the image of women today and in the past
  • Future of women: end of hierarchy
  • Your client’s social profile
  • What position does your client hold and which events does she attend?
  • The female identity and different forms of expression
  • Your client’s personality: identify her strengths and focus in life
  • The personal profile: what values and characteristics distinguish her?
  • Practical exercise: bring internal and external together
  • Demonstration of an individual image consultation

Day 2 | Roles at work and the authentic image

  • Check the company’s corporate identity
  • Recognise various dress codes
  • Differentiate between branches and clients
  • TYP Akademie system of image consultation
  • Design your client’s business profile: occasion, position, dress code
  • Business dress from head to toe
  • Case example: all steps of the image consultation
  • Set targets and determine a personal profile
  • Put together a wardrobe for different occasions and impressions

Day 3 | How to plan the basic wardrobe

  • Start by checking and planning the wardrobe
  • Score points with your shopping advice
  • Offer all aspects of an image consultation
  • Carry out a complete image consultation
  • Use the personal guide
  • What can a client take away with them?
  • Evaluation and presentation of certificate