Image Consultant for Men

Your Training: Image Consultant for Men

Make the maximum use of your potential as an image consultant for men. After completing the colour and style consultation training, which is primarily aimed at women, the advanced module gives you practical knowledge in image consulting for men.

This advanced module coaches you in selecting the appropriate colours for your client and in practical training you learn how to find the right style for the occasion. You also learn the current dress codes in today’s business world.


In today’s business world the appropriate dress is more important than ever. Success often depends on it. In this advanced seminar you will learn appropriate style and image consulting for men where the client’s character and his business aims are central.

Course Contents 2016

Part A: Colour and Style Consulting for Men

Day 1 | Colour Consulting for Men

  • Analyse the right colours for your client
  • Colour analysis for men with a beard or hair loss
  • Optimise your communication with your client
  • The psychological effect of colours
  • Develop the best colour combinations for every occassion
  • Colour combinations for work and leisure

Day 2 | Style Consulting for Men

  • Which style suits which man?
  • How to analyse your client’s figure
  • How to combine work and style?
  • Assess the proportions and check the perfect fit
  • The perfect fit for a suit
  • How to combine colour, pattern and material
  • The perfect suit: choice of shirt and tie
  • Select the appropriate dress for every occasion
  • In the time between the two parts of the module you will enhance your knowledge by conducting four colour analyses on friends and family

Part B: Image Consulting

Day 3 | Dress Code and the Accessories

  • Discover the correct business dress code
  • The TYP Akademie system of image consultation
  • Assemble the appropriate dress for each occasion (business and leisure)
  • Valuable tips for suitcases, belts, watches, etc
  • Knowing men’s shoes by heart
  • Recommend the right hair style for your client
  • The trends and fashion of glasses for men

Day 4 | Practical Client Consultation

  • Basic and party dress for men
  • Advise your first client
  • Personal feedback and evaluation from the coach
  • End of the course and presentation of certificate