Image-Consultant (STYLE COLOR)

Your start as a professional Image-Consultant

Take advantage of the current demand and start up your own business as a personal Image Consultant. Extensive training at the TYP Akademie will give you the foundation for your start as a professional business consultant. You can complete this training whilst carrying out a full time job or looking after your family. As soon as you have successfully completed the colour and style consultant training you will be capable of advising your own clients. Benefit from this new and innovative training concept for your personal success.

Benefit From the Certification


If you would like to begin working as a professional business consultant, we can offer you training in modules over a period of up to 24 months. By participating in the 9 seminars you will receive an excellent qualification for a very moderate price. If you book the seminars as one package and pay for them in one go, you can save up to Euro 1,000. You can also profit from these special conditions if you take advantage of the personalised hire purchase service.

Personal Coach at Your Disposal

After successfully completing the colour and style consultant training you will be able to advise your own clients. Your trainer and an experienced business consultant will be at your personal disposal to coach you for the first 12 months after you have completed the training. Once you have completed the image consultant course you will be able to offer professional image consultation to business men and women.

Training Goals

Take advantage of this training concept to plan your own future. The extensive 24 month training gives you the opportunity to gain expert knowledge whilst carrying out a full time job or looking after your family. You decide when to begin the training and when to take each of the seminars.

Training Modules

The Image Consultant training includes the following seminars:

1. Colour and Style Consultant Training (9 seminar days + 3 days practical)
2. Make-Up Application  (2 days)
3. Image Consulting for Men  (4 days)
4. Etiquette (2 days)
5. Self Presentation  (2 days)
6. Image Consulting for Women(3 days)
7. Marketing (2 days)

Further Information

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My best reference is my personal transformation during my training at the TYP Akademie.

Christa Zimmermann (Image Consultant)

Bild von Christa Zimmermann (Image Consultant)